Frequently Asked Questions

How many bags will I need?

Our rule of thumb is one bag per outfit. Your travel profile will automatically calculate that number for each traveler; however, if you want outfit options, add a couple extra bags at the end.

What happens if I need more bags?

We know this might happen when you try to estimate what you will need. We offer the option to add extra bags at the end of your order, so if you are worried about not having enough, just use that option. If you’ve already placed your order, you can always order more bags and there is an option for expedited shipping! If you add extra bags on the same day as your original order, there will be no additional shipping costs.*

What happens if I don’t use all my bags?

Feel free to keep them for your next trip or recycle them! Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more ways to use them.

What if I need my bags sooner than 5-7 days?

We offer expedited shipping, so feel free to choose a faster method at checkout!

What if I have a problem with one of my bags?

If any of your bags arrive damaged, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Where can I see how other people use the bags?

Please check out our gallery for some inspiration.

Should I unpack my bags once I get to my destination?

Don’t do it (but you can if you want). The beauty of this system is that it keeps you organized throughout the duration of your trip. Simply put the bags directly into the drawers at your hotel/rental or wherever you are staying. After you wear the clothes, you can place the items back into the bags to separate dirty or wet items.

Are the bags single use only?

No! You can use them as long as possible. When you are looking for a new set or refresher bags, the older bags are reusable and recyclable. Check out our gallery for more ways to use them.

Are these bags recyclable?

Yes! We are not in the business of adding to landfills. Check out our gallery for more ways to use them.

How can I gift this service?

Check out our gift card option.

How do I know what bag size I need?

Check out this simple sizing guide to get you started.

Clothing Size Men Women Kid
Baby Small Bag
XS Medium Bag Medium Bag Small Bag
S Medium Bag Medium Bag Small Bag
M Large Bag Medium Bag Small Bag
L Large Bag Large Bag Medium Bag
XL Large Bag Large Bag Medium Bag

*These are general guidelines, so if you are between sizes, either bag should work. For bulky clothes, we recommend sizing up or adding an extra bag.

Shoes Bag Size
Men Medium/Large Bag
Women Medium/Large Bag
Kids Small/Medium Bag

Makeup Hair Brushes Toiletries
Small/Medium Bag Medium Bag Small/Medium Bag