Our Story

What We Believe

Some of the most treasured times for us have been traveling with our friends and family - sharing experiences and making memories. That’s why we want to simplify and organize the packing process, to inspire opportunities for connections before, during and after travel.

How We Got There

Late nights and last minute decisions leading up to a trip do not have to be the norm. Spending time counting and recounting the number of socks you need, can be a thing of the past. With a little help and organization, you can be on your way without the stress and hassle packing can bring.

What We Do

We provide a service to assist in simplifying and organizing your packing process before travel and throughout your trip. Through a series of questions, we are able to estimate how many bags you will need to organize your outfits for each day of your travels. You are then able to customize your order for any extra activities that may come your way. This will let you spend your time on the things that matter and help you relax knowing you have what you need.

Lauren Savory

Cara Gallardo