Packing: Simplified and Organized

Pakdup eases the burden of preparing for travel or organizing your space and allows you to spend time doing what you value most! Get started to customize the number and size of bags to fit your needs.

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How It Works

Step 1: Fill Out Your Travel Profile

Let us know who’s going, their approximate clothing sizes and how long you’ll be gone. We’ll also ask about any extra activities, so that you’ll be sure to be prepared.

Step 2: Order Your Pakdup Travel Bags

With a $50 order, shipping is on us, unless you are in a hurry to get your bags. Your bags will already be sorted for each traveler and ready for you to fill.

Step 3: Enjoy Stress-Free Packing

Get packing! Use our gallery to see some great packing inspiration to help you get started.


Whether you’re planning a family vacation or sending the kids to the grandparents for the weekend, Pakdup will help take the stress out of the planning. Can you imagine the ease of having daily outfits organized and clear for whoever will be dressing your children? Simply fill out our travel survey to calculate the amount of bags you need and you will be on your way to traveling bliss.

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Traveling is not always for pleasure, and at Pakdup, we get that. Our packing solution isn’t just for the family trip, it can also keep you organized and prepared during your business travel. No more stressing that you didn’t bring the right clothes or tie. When you plan your outfits in advance, packing becomes simplified, organized and less stressful. Go ahead and fill out our survey to calculate the number of bags you need and see how our organizational system can ease your travel woes.

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Ever wonder how kids come home from camp without changing their underwear once? Us too! Thankfully, Pakdup has a solution. Our simplified and organized packing solution empowers your kids to dress themselves without you needing to worry at all. Have your children still looking (and smelling) fabulous even while away at camp! Simply fill out our travel survey to calculate the number of bags you need and see how our travel solution can help even the youngest of campers stay fresh all summer long.

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